You are an intern at a large engineering-based technology firm. You’ve been asked by your supervisor, Gil Hernandez, to provide your thoughts on the following situation.
A recent article republished in JavaWorld Magazine asks the question whether software developers should have a separate code of ethics. The article can be found here: ( code-of-ethics.html) Note: this article is about software development, but you are free to write about ethical issues and any code of ethics in another field.
Your company has been identified as a leader in the industry and wants to be included in this larger conversation. To understand the issue better, the company is asking everyone from VPs to lawyers to interns to offer their thoughts. As a result, your supervisor has identified you as a person with a promising future and has asked you to participate by providing a short White Paper.
To do so, you’ve been advised to first consider your own opinions and experiences. What do think are the most important ethical issues facing your profession in 2018? Do your best to avoid generic thoughts on the topic.

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