What To Do After A Car Accident Injury

What To Do After A Car Accident Injury – According to the United States Department of Transportation, six million car accidents occur each year. In the state of Florida, more than 350,000 drivers have been involved in accidents, resulting in more than 200,000 injuries. These are alarming statistics to say the least.

Florida drivers are more concerned than ever, and car accidents can have a devastating impact on victims’ lives. Fracture injuries often require surgery, so we wanted to create this infographic to help you learn a little more about them.

What To Do After A Car Accident Injury

In auto accidents, knee injuries are very common. For example, in a head-on collision, the front end of the vehicle may collide and impact the driver and/or front passenger. Head-on collisions in Florida often result in serious leg injuries.

What To Do After A Car Accident Injury

Your knee is a complex joint, and impacts, such as an ACL fracture or tear, can lead to other injuries. More severe cases may require knee replacement surgery.

On average, knee replacement surgery after a car accident will cost about $50,000. Remember that this is only to cover the cost of orthopedic surgery. After knee replacement surgery, you will need to invest in physical therapy for at least a few months.

Like knee injuries, our surgical team in Florida notes many brain injuries from car accidents. These types of injuries can range from mild to life-threatening depending on various factors, such as a person’s overall health, age, and the severity of the accident.

Keep in mind that the total medical costs for minor head injuries can exceed $80,000. On the other hand, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can cost millions of dollars. In both cases, these are significant injuries that can lead to serious, long-term medical conditions if not treated properly.

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Our surgical consultants encourage patients to keep this in mind as brain injuries can heal on their own without surgical intervention. That being said, they may be at risk of fluid or swelling on the brain. If the patient’s intracranial pressure becomes too high, a surgical procedure may be needed to remove part of the skull and relieve the pressure.

Most traumatic injuries in Florida are the result of rear-end collisions. Unfortunately, these injuries don’t always cause visible physical symptoms. So you’ll want to watch for behavioral parameters that may indicate TBI:

Spine and back injuries are common after a car accident in Florida because of the brute force applied to the body during such collisions. Some car accidents can cause discs and vertebrae to completely dislocate. The following types of back injuries are common in auto accidents:

Discectomy: In this procedure, the surgeon removes the damaged part of the disc. It will relieve pain caused by significant pressure on the spine. How much does a mastectomy cost in Florida? This type of procedure can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $75,000. The cost ranges depending on whether the patient will also need spinal surgery.

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Spinal fusion surgery: In this procedure, the surgeon fuses the damaged spinal cord into a single, more stable piece of bone. It can be a complicated procedure, and spinal fusion usually costs at least $100,000 when your physical recovery and MRI scans are included. This is a serious surgery and patients usually need at least several months to recover.

Kyphoplasty: In this procedure, the surgeon punctures the patient’s skin and inserts a medical balloon into the damaged vertebra using a small needle. The balloon is then inflated to empty it, which is then filled with a special bone cement. The balloons are removed after the cement is free. In Florida, a kyphoplasty procedure costs about $16,000.

(Note that there is a similar procedure called childless vertebroplasty and is slightly less expensive on average.)

Spondylolisthesis: In this procedure, the surgeon removes a specific part of the patient’s spine called the vertebrae. Laminectomies are used to relieve pain from spinal stenosis, a condition in which the spinal cord becomes narrow, putting more pressure on the spinal cord as well as the nerves.

Neurological Issues After A Car Accident

Fortunately, modern cars are all designed with safety and tempered glass windows. However, car accidents can still result in damages. These types of injuries usually occur as a result of a collision when a sharp object enters the vehicle’s cabin.

These types of injuries can be very painful, but they usually do not require surgical intervention in Florida. Most car accident victims with pneumonia can be treated with bandages, antibiotics, and/or stitches. In severe cases where internal organs, arteries or nerves have been damaged, the injuries may require surgical repair.

Fractures and sprains are also common among car accident victims, but they don’t always require surgery. Severe injuries may require surgical intervention and this will affect the cost of treatment and recovery time. Arm fractures that require surgery can cost $16,000 or more, while hip fractures can start at $40,000.

If you have suffered a limb injury from a car accident in Florida, you should consider seeking a surgical consultation. Internal bleeding, lacerations and/or puncture wounds are very serious injuries, but it is not possible to estimate the associated surgical costs for internal injuries.

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Car accident victims with internal injuries may require surgery, and the costs involved can be high. In any case, this is a situation where you will need a diagnostic evaluation before we tell you more.

If you have been injured in a car accident in Florida, you should seek immediate medical attention for your injury. If surgery is recommended, please fill out our online form to schedule a surgical consultation at one of our clinics in Florida. We employ only board-certified surgeons and our team has over 70 years of experience. You can rest assured that you are doing your best when you choose a Florida surgical consultant. It’s hard to know what to do after an accident. They come on suddenly, and the adrenaline and shock can make it very difficult to think clearly. And yet, in the moments immediately following a collision — when you’re facing serious injury or thousands of dollars in property damage — there are many serious questions and decisions you’ll have to make.

You may be the driver in a two-car collision, a motorcyclist running across the lane, a motorcyclist behind a tractor-trailer, or a pedestrian struck by a vehicle. But regardless, you need to know what to do after a car accident – if it’s not your fault or even if it is.

Below, we’ll explain some common problems you may encounter and what to do if you have an accident. Bookmark this page on your smartphone for quick reference in case of emergency.

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It can be difficult to think clearly in the heat of the moment, so a checklist can be very helpful. Here are some common steps to take after an auto accident:

Download and print this checklist of what to do after an auto accident and keep it in your glove box.

What to do after a minor accident After exchanging information and/or talking to the police, drive home, wait for the insurance adjuster to assess the extent of the damage, and bring your car into the shop. However, if your vehicle cannot be towed, you will have to tow it. And if that’s all, you may have to scramble to find new traffic.

If you are unable to drive after a collision, you may need to call a tow truck. And even if you think you can drive, law enforcement may force you to drive because of public safety concerns. In this case, you will have to find out where the car is broken down, who will pay shipping and storage costs, your rental after the accident and other related expenses.

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After health problems, dealing with car accident repairs can be the biggest headache you’ll ever face. You will need to obtain and compare estimates and work with the insurance company to determine what will be covered. If you have to wait until the fault is identified, you may have to pay for the repair yourself and request a refund later.

“Tolling” doesn’t just refer to vehicles that have been destroyed beyond repair. It is also a technical term for when the damage to your car exceeds a certain percentage of the value of your car, as stated.

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