Top 5 Holiday Gifts To Yourself In Biglaw

Top 5 Holiday Gifts To Yourself In Biglaw – This evergreen post offers an inside look at corporate holiday gifts, giving traditions, tips and ideas to law firms, lawyers, marketers, consultants and other professionals. (Originally published in November 2012)

Holiday greeting cards, whether e-cards or custom, are always appropriate, and taking the time to select gifts for your most valuable customers, vendors and/or referral sources during the winter holidays is a great way to get to know existing contacts and Respect is a better way. An interesting way. Now, if it’s simple.

Top 5 Holiday Gifts To Yourself In Biglaw

“They’re always giving me bath salts,” Nobby complained. “And tons of bath soaps and bubble baths and herbal bath blocks and bath products and I can’t help but think, ‘It’s not like I’ve never showered. You’d think they’d get a hint. did you?” – Terry Pratchett, Hogfather

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Holiday gift giving is often filled with vague rules, not mentioning the chart that can be created by a committee or group, not specifying why, who, what, and how many committees are appointed. . The crowd gathers. Appropriate, memorable and welcoming to a wide, diverse audience. (*Many companies have policies on what their employees can earn on vacation. If you don’t know, ask.)

Two things are very important for a “firm” gift: (1) stick to your budget and (2) decide on your list of recipients. For individual attorney gifts, there is more wiggle room because the attorney has more specific criteria for who receives the gift, personalization of the gift, and perhaps a portion of the cost if it exceeds the allowable budget.

(Many of the quotes used in this post were contributed by givers and recipients in a discussion of law firm holiday corporate gifts.)

Is sending gifts to customers and business associates during the winter holidays a nice gesture or just a good marketing tool to stay top of mind and get your name out there? Sometimes both, but in any case professionals agree on one rule: holiday gifts should represent a sign of appreciation, not a bribe or an obvious marketing game. They should convey goodwill, thought or gratitude. The style of the sign can vary, however, pros say that anything with your logo boldly emblazoned with capital letters, which can look cheap and ugly, will easily get ripped off.

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“There’s nothing wrong with your badge. I have two woolen blankets, one with Happy New Year written on it. The whole family enjoys it.”

“The other day I got a Nike+ watch – the customer knows I like to ride outdoors. I was excited. So organize a gift for someone you can – something other than your logo.

Yes, you want your logo to be there and you want your customers to remember you. But sending an expensive gift at a low price makes your gift look cheap. Instead, professionals recommend that you choose a useful high-quality item, and if you choose, use only a tasteful engraving or embroidery of your legal firm’s name (not a logo).

Forget about wasting bum time and take the opportunity to choose a holiday gift that will make the recipient feel like you thought of them special.

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It’s perfectly acceptable to choose a modest gift that’s fun and maybe a little less. Recipients are more likely to remember special gifts, especially ones that show you know them, regardless of the dollar amount.

“The most unique [gift]—a mason jar with a mechanical butterfly that moves when the skin is tapped. A conversation in my office—looks lifelike and has fooled many.

“A gift for their dog and/or cat: If you know your customer well enough to know that they have a dog or cat, you know your customer. Plus, they’ll never throw one away.”

Large companies sometimes try to create a gift list of convenient options that allow attorneys to choose and personalize gifts for individual clients and stay within budget. The catalog includes gifts that appeal to core themes such as sports (golf, tennis, wrestling, etc.), pets, family, hobbies (wine lovers, cooks, book lovers), and more.

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In my first year of business as an independent consultant, I gathered a lot of people (clients, referral sources and industry friends) that I wanted to make holiday happy, but I had a very limited budget. So, to cover everyone, I designed and printed a holiday card with a celebratory cup on the front, inside a greeting inviting them to join me for a “virtual” cup of coffee, where That included A (Large) $5.00 Starbucks. gift card I was surprised that it got the thank you follow-up emails so quickly. It was the idea that counted, not the dollar value.

General advice: use common sense. Your business reputation is on the line. Your best judgment can make your gift a real success and improve relationships. If in doubt just send what you can afford.

How do you decide if you can’t gift everyone? There is no ideal formula, but generally law firms will choose based on revenue generated. In addition to top customers, companies may decide to send appreciation gifts to valued vendors, media contacts, advisory board members or company partners (referral sources).

The key here is to start the identification process. For large law firms, you can use a request form that requires specific information about the intended recipient; That is, questions about the depth of the relationship, customer community involvement, competence, etc. (or you can find this information in your CRM).

I Received Pyke’s Harpoon As A Christmas Gift From My Gf ^^ This Is For Sure The Best Thing I Could Asked For As A Pyke Main…

If the relationship is strictly with an individual attorney rather than a firm, consider matching funds up to a certain amount and allowing the attorney to choose an appropriate gift.

The president, CEO, or general counsel can sign the check, but the company works as a group. Who supported the “boss” and made your year profitable? Have you worked with a particularly supportive group of secretaries, accounting officers or staff consultants? If so, you should consider sending a giveaway that everyone can participate in. Those with whom you have a customer relationship will appreciate the gesture, especially when the company’s mission statement is team-oriented: it can show that you align with their philosophy. Operation (if you don’t know, check out their website!)

Ah… great puzzle. Marketers are usually tasked with finding new gift ideas and something unique, but one that will suit most people on the list. The ideas below are by no means exhaustive, but words can begin to change. If it’s not too late for 2012 (maybe), you can file this post away for next year! If you have examples of corporate gifts you’ve sent that have been well received, please share them in the comments. (No vendor location, please.)

Give employees a dollar and ask them to come up with ideas. Here are some for beginners.

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Allow the recipient to choose from multiple donations. You can do this with your holiday e-card after the greeting. Program a screen that allows the recipient to see a list of four or more charities that the organization donates on their behalf. Better yet, organize based on charities you know your customers support. (If you don’t already have it in your CRM—and you should—you can check it out on their website, where they’ll often list their pet charities or projects.)

“I spoke at a client webinar for a telecommunications company. A few weeks later I received a thank you note indicating that they had made a donation in my name to the Midnight Mission. This is an organization they know that I personally support. Blue and as it was personal to me.”

“We made giant chocolate bars. It was so much fun. I have to say I miss getting treats in the office. Mrs. Beasley’s big basket can go a long way during the holidays.

“A colleague of mine once made giant gourmet fortune cookies and people love them. They’re not just fun, they’re really delicious.”

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“A consultant I worked with had beautiful silver boxes every year (small – like 2 or 3 inches) with different words engraved on the top – for example, think, hope, change, dream, vision, etc. Each year was a different size. Also. These are the most commented items on my desktop. You can put paper clips, business cards, candy, etc. in them, but I put them in a group, The sign is not visible.

“Depending on what you want to spend, we once saw Simon Pearce as a speaker gift after the event ($50 each time) and they were very well received.

“[My old law firm] produced a CD of solo piano or jazz music by a Colorado musician. The customers loved it (and it was hard to stop them from making it).

“i am

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