The Brooklyn Hospital internship

Social Change Theoretical Application
January 13, 2020
Problems Statement . Is the problem statement clear? . Does the investigator identify key research questions and variables to be examined? . Does the study have the potential to help solve a problem that is currently faced in clinical practice?
January 13, 2020


This is for the MBA class called strategic management and pharmacy. 3 pages reflective paper on what you learned during the internship at Brooklyn Hospital:
The rotation is about Pharmacist Informatics at The Brooklyn Hospital, so you can say I have learned anything related to:

  1. Pharmacy informatics (IT Pharmacist role in the hospital, how is it impact the hospital and everything esle…
  2. Loss and theft management in the hospital, communication between the healthcare provider
  3. Control substance management and diversion prevention
  4. Using tech in the hospital like an automatic dispensing system.
  5. the different between informatic pharmacist and it pharmacist
  6. role of technology in pharmacyt
  7. Whatever you can think of for the pharmacy and MBA student can learn during the informatic rotation in the hospital and reflect on it.

Use can use these source or feel free to use an idea from the source online but please don’t plagiarism,

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