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October 6, 2021
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October 6, 2021



you need to read Sophocles’ Antigone(URL found in Week Four folder). After reading the play, create a thread in the discussion board and discuss these questions and use quotes from the play to support your opinion: who are the two major characters that are in conflict? what is the source of their conflict? how does this conflict play out? in what place or places did the action take place? what effects did these places have on your experience of the play? Lastly, describe the action, characters, and place of the opening scene.



First, watch the commedia dell’arte workshop video, posted in this week’s folder. Then, go to the commedia dell’arte website linked in this week’s lesson folder. Look around the site to get general information. Click on the masks to view what character each mask represents and read about the physical and other information on the character. Next, select a mask/character that reminds you of a character from a play, movie, or television show of your choice. Copy and paste the image of your character (found in the upper left corner of each mask/character’s description) in your assignment submission. Explain in your assignment submission why you chose this character and how/why you associate this mask/commedia character with the film, play, or television character you chose.


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    This is a video of a commedia training workshop/rehearsal at London’s National Theatre. It illustrates the technique of performing with the mask, or what is called “assuming the mask” that is needed for commedia work. It is a specific acting technique that is highly technical and physically intense. It requires a trained physicality, excellent vocal technique, and an ability to think creatively.


Create a thread for this discussion board and discuss the different characters in Antigone by placing each character in a category: major character, minor character, or somewhere in-between.


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