Skadden Steps Up To Thank Associates With A Different Kind Of Holiday ‘bonus’

Skadden Steps Up To Thank Associates With A Different Kind Of Holiday ‘bonus’ – The holidays are a good time to think not only about Biglaw bonuses, Christmas parties and holidays, but also about the underprivileged. This is a time to be grateful for our blessings, but also to share those blessings with others.

So this time every year, it’s only fitting that we learn about the newest class of Skadden Fellows. As we explained earlier, this prestigious scholarship, “the world version of the Supreme Court Clerk or Rhodes Scholarship, enables the recipient to work full-time in the public interest for two years.

Skadden Steps Up To Thank Associates With A Different Kind Of Holiday ‘bonus’

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Skadden Arps launched the program in 1988 to celebrate its 40th anniversary as a law firm, and in 2018 the program was extended for another ten years to mark the firm’s 70th anniversary. The latest crop of 28 new hires brings the total to 877 in more than three decades, according to Kathleen Rubenstein, who took over as Skadden Foundation executive director earlier this year from longtime executive director Susan Butler Plum.

When I spoke with Plum last year about the selection process for their partners and projects, she told me, “We try to stay away from things that are hot and sexy. Let’s focus on work. No one knows what a client needs better than a candidate as they work closely with the agency to develop their proposed project.

That said, it cannot be denied that their partners and projects reflect current events to some extent. Not surprisingly, then, some of these new associates are focusing their work on serving the immigration and immigrant community. In an article about the new Skadden Fellows in Big Law Business, Elizabeth Olson highlights two individuals—Juan Bedoya of NYU Law School and Iva Velikovich of Yale Law School—both focused on immigrant children.

Congratulations to Bedoya, Velikovich and the 26 other deserving recipients, and thank you for the work you have done and will continue to do as Skadden Fellows.

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(See next page for a full list of 2020 Skadden Fellows, as well as which law schools have produced the most Skadden Fellows over the years.)

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