Securing A LAN
Organizations often do not have the security built into their infrastructure that is required as the organization grows. When the need for security increases, someone is often assigned the responsibility of determining what security measures need to be improved.
A network administrator at PPI came to you with a new task. PPI has a LAN using TCP/IP. They want the network to be secure but also to gain the most return for the smallest investment. You have been asked to advise the Global Communications team on LAN security:
Aside from the security measures of having a firewall and requiring users to change their passwords occasionally, suggest one or two additional security measures that you would advise PPI to take. Explain your suggestions.
Recommend one or two additional measures to secure file systems and access to the network, such as training, additional hardware or software, virus scanners, etc. For each measure you recommend, discuss its rationale and any threats that it would seek to mitigate. List and describe the vulnerabilities it might not address.
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