Scholarship Productivity Form

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A secure workplace productivity platform designed to create innovative solutions for everyday tasks that slow down your work. From getting rid of paper forms to breaking down digital silos, it allows anyone to quickly and easily create custom forms, create documents and collect electronic signatures – all without special knowledge or programming.

Scholarship Productivity Form

Saves the trouble of sorting and analyzing hundreds of paper submissions for higher education. We offer several pre-made form templates for beginners – no coding skills required. All you need to do is enter the basic information and Forms will create the form for you!

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In the age of social media, mobile apps and email, it has become difficult to get the attention of university students. To prevent messages from ending up in the trash, college officials are looking for creative ways to use forms to reach their most important customers.

A versatile form builder allows users to create online forms that meet the needs of a variety of users. With a variety of options like pre-made forms or customizable blank forms, even the most non-technical users on your team can view a form account.

Here are some popular ways colleges can use online forms for their university operations. For other creative uses of our forms, check out our extensive library of form templates or see how other colleges and universities, such as the University of Colorado Denver and the University of Michigan, have been more effective.

So are you ready to get in shape? Great! You can do this using a pre-made template or create one from scratch. Fortunately, there is progress for both of us.

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Pre-built forms are a great option for higher education users because they provide the industry’s most popular forms with just a few clicks. Follow these steps to create the desired item using the form template:

You can now add fields by selecting from the menu on the left, or by selecting Add fields/following.

Once the form fields and sections are to your liking, you can view your entire form by selecting Live Form from the drop-down menu. To submit and start using the form, click the share tab in the top right corner of the form Copy the form link, embed JavaScript, post to social media, or embed in a CMS

Do you feel like you’re building your form from the ground up while diving? Fortunately, the form creation process is designed to be as easy as possible, no matter which route you choose.

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Once the form fields and sections are to your liking, you can view your entire form by selecting Live Form from the drop-down menu. To submit and start using the form, click the share tab in the top right corner of the form Copy the form link, embed JavaScript, post to social media, or embed in a CMS

You’ve already mastered the basics of form building, now it’s time to explore the innovative form building tools that will take your organization to the next level.

Groups are created like fields. You can drag them into your shape to create a new shape

Categories can be edited, moved, deleted or moved like fields – hover your mouse over a category and click on one of the icons to perform the appropriate action.

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There are several layout options for sections. Sections are used to divide forms into multiple pages and create multi-column forms. You can also set the label position to top or left.

Self-calculating form fields can be used for order forms or wherever needed to calculate a value based on the user’s preferences on the form. To create a calculated form field with individual values:

When using drop-down lists, boxes, and radio buttons, you can choose to use individual values ​​in the advanced options editor. This allows you to add a numeric or text value to each field option. It can be used in many ways, but here is an example:

You want to create an order form where mail order orders are charged $5 and pickup orders are free. You can add a radio button to your form called “Delivery” with two options: Post and Pickup Click Use separate values ​​and set a numerical value for each option (for example, $5 for Post and $0 for Pickup). If you include this field in the calculation, $5 will be included in the calculation if the user selects Post, and $0 will be included in the calculation if the user selects Pickup.

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Note: If you use the same option price as B, you will see an error if you put two different items at $5. Because the option value must be unique. To solve this, you can sell one item for $5.00, another for $5.00, another for $5.00, and so on. you can put Although they are technically the same number, Form Builder sees them as unique values ​​and allows them to be used

Date/time fields can now be used in calculations! Learn more about making such calculations here.

With conditional logic, you can show or hide a selected field or section for another field on the form. For example, you may have users ask, “How would you rate a used textbook for COMM 3200?” If the user selects “poor”, you may want to display a comment field asking the user why they are asking the teacher. was a bad choice.

Note: Your form must have an option field or a number field to use conditional logic. You must create a dropdown list, box, number, or radio button field.

University Of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan > Directorate Of Student Financial Assistance And University Advancement

Congratulations! You have created your own form. Click the View Live Form button at the top right of the builder. Then start distributing the form using the links on the sharing tab To change the form settings (general, email and actions, security, etc.), click the settings tab and select from the menu on the left.

We offer dozens of third-party applications that can be implemented in your form. Our integrations can help you manage your university’s email marketing efforts, collect fees, sync with social media, and many other time-saving tasks.

Many of these integrations require you to enter your current account information with the product. Please make sure you have an account with the provider requesting your registration Additionally, for some integrations, e.g.

, you should change your security settings to ensure your payments are secure. For more information on this step, see the Security Settings section of this guide.

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To learn more about our amazing partners and their integrations, visit the Integrations page on our website.

What’s the point of having great form builder programs if you can’t see what people are submitting? Fortunately, Forms account users can access all forms as well as create reports for data analysis and sharing. By default, all form submissions are stored in the database. You can turn this feature on by selecting “Save data in database” or “Do not save data in database” (use with caution) on the General tab of each form’s settings page.

To view the information collected for your form, go to the appropriate form and click on the Submissions tab Submissions can be deleted or edited, but be careful – deletion is permanent and irreversible Avoid the new housing disaster and check all names before deleting them.

Example: Let’s say you’ve provided a form that fills out all incoming students with meal plan preferences and dietary restrictions, but you want to list students with food allergies. It’s easy with our data management features. Offers a powerful search function that allows you to quickly find specific deposits in your data. You can search for a report using the Quick Search box, or click the Advanced button next to this box to open the Advanced Search window. With advanced search, you can search for records that are true (or false) of your chosen phrase or that contain one (or more) of the key words (or all). Use the plus and minus buttons to add/remove search criteria.

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You can create reports with different parameters: B. Within a certain period of time and for certain data points, priority submissions, read/unread, etc.

Sometimes you want to create diagrams to make your information more understandable to your colleagues or students. To view the chart:


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