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October 10, 2021
Develop a crisis communications plan for your stakeholders, including a social media policy. The plan should include ideas you submitted in the above outline. Walk through how you believe organizational leaders and their spokespeople should decide and act during a crisis.
October 10, 2021


we are examining the ways research techniques can be applied to HIM practice. Think about the examples in the texts and describe, in your own words, a project that could be done by an HIM professional that would use the techniques described in the chapter.

For example: the hospital may want to implement front-end speech recognition for dictating progress notes. The HIM manager could conduct brainstorming sessions with a multi-disciplinary team, both in the concept and program development stages. Surveys of area hospitals could be used to determine how other hospitals are handling this issue. Physicians could be engaged by focus groups. Measurements for success could be developed and tracked. 

 -minimum 100 words. 

 -must have an APA reference. 


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