Racism/Research Ethics Read Racism and Research

Addiction and Substance in a Diverse Population
March 3, 2020
Racism/Research Ethics Read Racism and Research
March 3, 2020

The Case of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study by Allan M. Brandt.
In your own words, write 2 paragraphs describing the events presented in the essay. Answer each of the following specific questions in your response:
Section 1:
Paragraph 1: What were the main discussion points of the essay? What were the results and consequences of the study? For the sociological perspective you choose, apply the perspective to the article and draw one or more conclusions from your analysis.
Section 2: Using one of the three major sociological perspectives presented in this course (Functional, Conflict, or Interaction’s°, explain the events described in the essay. Do this in at least 2 paragraphs.
Paragraph 2: Would it be acceptable to replicate this study today? Why? or Why not? Was this study ethical/unethical? Explain why. Discuss the limitations of the paradigm in describing the event. In other words, what does the paradigm

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