Protecting The Rights Of Presumed Innocent People

Protecting The Rights Of Presumed Innocent People – With India witnessing an increase in crime, especially incidents like rape, he felt the need to establish a more protective approach to justice. But does justice come at the cost of ignorance of basic human rights?

Lawmakers recently introduced a provision that puts defendants on probation before prosecutors can prove their innocence instead of the disclosure of evidence. However, there are some principles of the criminal justice system that should not be overlooked. If they are not guarded, it will result in a legacy of injustice. The idea of ​​cleanliness is one of the principles.

Protecting The Rights Of Presumed Innocent People

This article examines the legal provisions of the burden of proof in crimes and dismissals, and analyzes the validity of these provisions in light of the importance of proving innocence. The emergence of the need to declare the rights of people in criminal proceedings is also appropriate. This paper argues that international human rights principles are particularly relevant in defining negative burdens and that stricter standards must be met before negative burdens are recognized. Addressing the current legal shift in the burden of proof would be an important step forward if India seeks to establish a legal system. human rights principles in criminal justice.

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Justice is inseparable from rights. Since justice is based on the principle of equal rights and responsibilities, the rights of both parties in criminal proceedings must be balanced to achieve justice. judgment. Negligence or discrimination in human rights will lead to a legacy of injustice. The accused/accused/accused has the right to be innocent until proven guilty, and this is a fundamental principle of our criminal justice system. There are provisions that apply to this guideline, although they are not specifically mentioned in the Indian Penal Code. Sections 101 and 102 of the Indian Evidence Act provide that a person who goes to court for the trial of a legal right or obligation must prove the existence of the facts he has said. eat Therefore, the burden of proving the facts is usually on the plaintiff. However, there are provisions and laws that undermine this case and place the burden of proving innocence on the accused, not the prosecutor. The Supreme Court affirmed the common law “ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat” (the burden of proof is on the affirmative and not on the denial) and the Supreme Court affirmed that the burden the proof is on the side making the claim. . And never have a party to deny it.

The concept of innocence is the principle of “innocent until proven guilty”. This was the first thing that the lawyer Blackstone said, who said that it is better for 10 innocent people to escape than for an innocent person to suffer. In the important case of Woolmington v. Dpp, the Senate decided that the concept of innocence is the golden thread in criminal law and can never be compromised. The same is followed by the Supreme Court of India and is a sound principle in Indian law. The presumption of innocence does not have the same effect as other presumptions under the Criminal Code. Other opinions are often faced with a reduction in evidence, but the proof of innocence is not. There is no burden on the defendant himself. Therefore, the presumption of innocence does not have the effect of shifting the burden of proof to the prosecution. But the burden starts with the police. Therefore, the concept of innocence is the same as maintaining the identity of the accused.

In Noor Aga Khan v. State of Punjab, the Supreme Court ruled that the concept of innocence, although not clearly stated in the Constitution, is a strong background in the concept of justice. Protection of legal process.

Today, we are witnessing convictions that run away from the basic principles of human rights when people are convicted on suspicion, not evidence. The criminal justice system of any country reflects the system of society. The state has had a profound effect on the expression of freedom and democratic ways of the state in dealing with vulnerable people through the criminal justice system. In the great democratic world, these powers are unrestricted and must be exercised wisely. Therefore, the concept of innocence not only works as a right, but also works as a basis for how the state uses its coercive power. Imprisoning innocent people under harsh criminal laws is against the principles of democracy and justice. In addition, the court has considered the level of resources, and not all parties can have the same resources, and in the process they cannot prove themselves innocent. Proving a crime usually involves imposing some form of punishment on the accused. These punishments certainly violate rights such as the rights of individuals (punishment), liberty (detention), and respect for privacy (punishment and detention ). In addition, convicts may suffer severe psychological abuse from public accusations and physical abuse from the inhumane environment of prisons.

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All punishments must pass a fair trial if the state wants to reduce human rights. It protects other rights, such as the right to peace, and goes hand in hand with the right to liberty. The idea of ​​purity also has an important role in balancing the high and middle powers of the state and the common citizens. A crisis is an example of truth-seeking, not a place of error or confusion. Most importantly, the concept of innocence protects a person’s right to be free from wrongful conviction. The defendant is trying to prove his guilt and prove his innocence. The balance of probabilities does not justify the anti-burden clause because it shows that the burden on the defendant will result in a conviction if the burden This system has become the most cruel and brutal system for the accused. The burden of proof in criminal law is the basic rule in the trial. It helps both sides to be equal, leading to a free and fair trial. If the burden of proof is on the wrong side, it hinders justice in the court and results in the failure of the trial.

It is appropriate to note that the provisions on the burden of proof and the standard of proof in criminal trials are important because they promote the freedom of individuals and are a protection against torture. Reversing the burden of proof would violate Article 21, which provides for the right to life with dignity and disregard for personal liberty and dignity. yes. False beliefs take away the dignity and respect of people in the world.

The right to a fair trial is an umbrella right of which the right to be innocent is a fundamental right. The presumption of innocence is a procedural safeguard designed to protect citizens from the accused’s right to remain silent, and to provide a basis for the enjoyment of the opportunity to defend against a crime. enough as well as the right to live in peace and exercise the right to live. . It is a basic principle of the criminal law that is used in the country, that only the prosecution and the prosecution must prove all aspects of the accused’s crime. The accused has no duty to open his mouth or defend himself unless the public prosecutor releases him from this burden and proves that he is guilty to the satisfaction of the public prosecutor.

He also said that justice means a trial that eliminates prejudice or discrimination against the accused. False beliefs destroy the common good. Guilt may be distressing enough to meet the high demands of the standard of proof. If the court thinks that the person who has already been tried is the one who committed the crime, the trial will continue on the basis of discrimination, not on evidence.

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India today is expanding itself on the international front. In this situation, the need to follow the principles of human rights, without using them, has become the need of the hour. We cannot sustain ourselves by improving the state of our economy. We must be stronger as we give human rights to our citizens.

The ethical theory of human rights aims to identify the basic conditions for any person to live a better life. Human rights aim to recognize both the negative and positive aspects necessary to live a good life at a lower level, such as human rights.

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