Financial incentives of organ donations will help alleviate the shortage of supply in organ donors. The increase of donors will be safeguarding measures that will save many lives as well as further enhancing quality of life.


Financial incentives of organ donations violate the altruism of organ donation and would exploit the act of donating organs in a negative way. Financial incentives may also lead to issues in organ regulation and the deterioration of the quality of donors

Ethical Issue: In Support and in opposition

  • A summary of your chosen ethical issue (the problem)
  • A description of the dilemmas or concerns involved (why is this a problem?)
  • Your rationale for a supportive stance on the issue and opposition .
  • Your proposed resolution on both side
  • The key stakeholders and factors in support of the issue resolution on both side
  • Ethical principles involved (e.g., justice, autonomy,
  • Any policy drivers related to the issue resolution such as access, quality, and cost
  • Any ethical theories that support and opposition your position
    • Submit a 3-4 page APA format (6th ed.), proper grammar, and references as appropriate
  • Please write the pros and cons separately

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