Project: Promoting Health Care Quality

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January 30, 2020
Project: Promoting Health Care Quality
January 30, 2020

To prepare:
Review the information on evaluation, including data representation and quality monitoring, presented in the Learning Resources.
Review your work on the Course Project SEE ATTACHMENT
Think about how your quality improvement initiative could be evaluated. Consider the following:
Which stakeholders need information related to this initiative? What do they need this information for?
How would you assess the outcomes in the short-term and long-term?

How should an analysis of organizational structures be integrated into your evaluation?
How would you identify and evaluate any unintended consequences that may arise?
What metrics should the organization use to gauge progress and the effectiveness of the quality improvement initiative? How would these metrics incorporate the measures and indicators that you identified in Section 3? Are there additional measures and indicators that you now think should be included?
How should the organization track and display data for an interdisciplinary audience? How could the use of a dashboard or balanced scorecard be of value?
How could the organization create an integrated view of performance that links finance and quality?

To complete:
Develop a 2- to 3-page evaluation plan that includes the following:
An outline of the methods that you would propose for evaluating the quality improvement initiative and the financial implications
A description of specific metrics that integrate your previously identified measures and indicators and any others that you have deemed important
A recommendation of how the organization could represent data related to this quality improvement issue for ongoing monitoring and to determine the value or success of the initiative
An explanation of how the organization could create an integrated view of performance that links finance and quality



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