Assignment GuidelinesUsing the library, course materials, textbook, and Web resources, research social interaction, and pick&nbsp
November 26, 2021
(32-35) Provides clear comparison and contrast on two key concepts that accurately capture Shonkoff’s stance in comparison to Rousseau or Gesell
November 26, 2021


I need a power point presentation and a word document about a current event in Decision making & Team dynamics

choosing from Wall Street Journal, Fortune, or similar business oriented publication

– Event must have happened within the last year and be relevant to the organizational behavior material

– You will be presenting the topic 20 minutes and writing a 2-3 page paper

– Paper & presentation should include:

  • Statement of the main idea(s) of the article
  • List 3 facts that the author uses to support the main idea(s)
  • Identify holes in the main idea(s) and its supporting arguments
  • What is a good counter-argument to the basis of this article?
  • Discuss org. behavioral theories that are applied in article
  • The paper (2-3 pages) must be word-processed in APA format

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