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March 3, 2020
It’s hard out here for an inventor/innovator (with apologies to Academy Award Winner Three 6 Mafia)! While some (such as Edison, Jobs, Musk, etc.) become billionaires, many others fail — often for predictable reasons. Based on class discussion and re
March 3, 2020

You’ve been asked by a producer at WNYC, to pitch a podcast idea to them that will focus on
New York’s free Black communities. This is called a treatment or pitch. It is basically a poster/ one
page that includes the following important ideas:
● What is the main content/ ideas about the history you’re going to discuss? (this is where
your summarizing skills are really important).
● Why do you think it’s important that people know about this topic? (avoid “I think”)
● Does the topic relate to modern day issues? If yes, what and how?
● Who is the audience for your podcast?
● And then end with a bio about yourself (write in 3rd person).

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