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November 26, 2021
SCI 151 Week 1-5 ALL Individual ASSIGNMENTS AND LEARNING TEAM graded A+ 100%&nbsp
November 26, 2021

 Discussion 2 – Reality
Question for Discussion 2
Not only does the greek word kosmos (cosmos) mean “reality”, it also has the connotation of an ordered and beautiful system. Pre-Socratic philosophers examined reality in an effort to show it as an ordered and beautiful system despite the fact that the world often seems chaotic to us. What do you make of this effort? Do you believe there is evidence to show that the world is fundamentally a place of order and beauty?
Discussion Assignments have the following objectives:

Identify and describe key concepts presented in textbook reading material, video lectures, and other assigned content.
Draw connections between assigned content material and practical areas of interest.
Explore ideas in philosophical depth beyond the presentation of course material.
Draw connections between philosophical discourse and one’s practical life.
Engage in respectful philosophical conversation.

This objective will be measured according to replies posted to other students or to professors.

When completing discussion assignments, please remember:

Your main post should take a minimum of 250 words. Explain and support what you say.
Any sources that you use must – including textbook and video lectures – be cited and referenced responsibly. APA format
You should post at least two substantial replies to other participants.
Please refer to the syllabus and grading rubric for more guidance.


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