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October 17, 2021
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October 17, 2021

  Using the uploaded file, Please provide a PowerPoint presentation

In this assignment, you will condense information from Outsourcing an MNC Part 2 assignment to create a PowerPoint presentation.


Create an 11 slides PowerPoint Presentation in which you:

1. Provide a title slide

2. Create a slide to introduce your presentation 

3. Summarize your response to each of the criteria in Outsourcing an MNC Part 2—one slide per criterion, for a total of seven slides.

4. Provide a summary slide which addresses key points of your paper.

5. Provide a slide capturing the strategies you feel will lead to a successful outsourcing venture.

6. Please provide what you would say for narration in the notes section of your PowerPoint presentation. Each slide should have a notes section that would equate to two minutes of recorded narration.


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