Nursing assignment need to be single spaced.

Neo-Realism (Anarchy)
January 30, 2020
Check the attached files and instruction
January 30, 2020

No need for double spacing just APA in text citations. Full points  will be given for completely answering the questions, this includes full description of your thoughts, reasoning and explanations.

1. How can psychological and physical safety lead to better patient care?

2. Describe how OSHA and the Joint Commission are external factors that influence organizational culture around safety.
          o Describe 1 thing you find particularly relevant to nurse leaders from the OSHA document and 1 thing for the Joint
                Commission document.
          o Explain your reason for your choices.

3. Identify a leadership style (an internal factor) that could foster psychological safety within a healthcare organization
          o Describe why this leadership style might work
          o Describe 1 specific example of how this leadership style could be integrated into a healthcare setting to support a culture
                of safety

Resources and References: American Organization for Nursing Leadership The Joit Commission FAQS Occupational Safety and Health Administration Edmonson: Building a psychologically safe workplace


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