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December 23, 2021
Week 4 – Response to colleague’s posting 2
December 23, 2021

Please refer to textbook ( the page numbers she uses do not match the online textbook version so please find the correct pages, if help is need please let me know): 


Introduction to the Activity

Creating high performance management systems results in economic benefits in a large number of industries. The process starts with a leader diagnosing the current level of alignment of the HR practices to the external environment. To achieve strategic change that results in a strategic competitive advantage, our organization must understand the importance of human resource management to the capability of high performance outcomes. The first step in understanding the importance is completing a diagnosis of the external alignment of the HR practice with the competencies and behaviors required to achieve the organizational strategies related to the organizational change.


Use Change Tool 20.1 on pages 375–377 (Hayes) to complete this assignment. Note: This exercise is used in its entirety from the book. 

  • Diagnose the external alignment
    • Review the organization’s strategy.
    • Identify the critical behaviors and related competencies that are required to achieve the strategy.
    • Identify practices that the organization uses to manage people.
    • Assess the alignment of each people management/HR practice with the competencies and behaviors required to achieve the organization’s strategy. Does each practice support the availability and application of critical competencies and behaviors?
  • Write a recommendation to the Board of Directors that details the level of alignment that currently exists and the ways in which HR practice will need to change to support shifts in the behaviors and competencies necessary to achieve the organization’s strategic objective(s).

Use good report guidelines for completion of this assignment. The final report should be between 2–4 pages.

[MO 5.2]


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