“Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan from Chapter 6 of Language Awareness

Cost-volume-profit analysis
March 3, 2020
Michel-Guillaume Jean de Crevecoeur from Letter III: What Is an American
March 3, 2020

Must Include: Ethical Problem Authors thesis Personal thesis Examples from the piece effective of ineffective about the problem Solution Conclude Professors requirements: Select an essay from the required course readings and analyze an ethical problem that it raises. Your discussion of the ethical problem should work from the writer’s stated purpose (what is he or she trying to accomplish?) and target audience (who is the argument directed toward?). Be sure to describe the ethical problem in detail, using evidence from the essay or book to support your claims. Then, identify the potentially helpful or harmful consequences (or, implications) that will occur if audiences are persuaded by the writer’s argument. When identifying these consequences, you must cite passages from the essay as evidence and provide analysis to support your claims. At the end of the paper, you should propose a solution to the ethical problem that you have analyzed, offering justification for your recommendations (with evidence and analysis) and anticipating potential counterarguments.

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