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November 25, 2021
CJA 394 Week 4 Individual Assignment Corrections Trend Evaluation Paper”
November 25, 2021

Book Name: What are you looking at will gompertz, Chapter 15.

  1. What role did Gertrude Stein play in the development of Abstract Expressionism? Discuss the style, techniques and philosophy. Who were some of the major artists? What was its connection to Surrealism?
  2. What connection do Existentialism and Tachism share with Abstract Expressionism? Explain these two styles. What connection do the Abstract Expressionists share with the Impressionists? Why was Chapter 15 in Gompertz subtitled, The Grand Gesture?
  1. What is the distinct characteristic that Abstract Expressionism has with American Art? What type of shift did this cause in the art world? Who is your favorite Abstract Expressionist and why? What types of sculptures were produced in alignment with the style and who were some of the leading sculptors?


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