Law School Faculty Wants To Strip Bill Barr Of Degree

Law School Faculty Wants To Strip Bill Barr Of Degree – Attorney General William Barr defended his decision to use riot police and pepper spray to disperse protesters.

On Monday evening, President Trump will leave the White House for St. Riot police and heavy duty police used smoke bombs and pepper spray to clear the area.

Law School Faculty Wants To Strip Bill Barr Of Degree

Since the violence, faculty at the George Washington University School of Law, where Barr received his law degree in 1977, have debated whether the school should revoke the honorary degree it was awarded. Bush in 1992. The effort to revoke Barr’s title was first reported by the Daily Beast.

Famous Harvard Professor Rips Into ‘tyrannical’ Student Protesters, Saying They Want ‘superficial Diversity’

After criticism of what Barr did and the president’s speech that was mocked by the clergy and the news last night, the Attorney General defended himself yesterday in a press conference. Cellphone footage of the incident showed the account was fake.

A GW board spokeswoman confirmed that board members are discussing whether to remove Barr’s honorary degree. Among the students’ concerns is Barr using her power.

To complete a Barr degree, a university recommendation must be made. The law school is one of 10 schools at GW.

The university has revoked the honorary degree. In January 2016, he withdrew the title given to actor Bill Cosby in 1990. He was accused of raping several women but was not charged.

The Dangerous Position Of William Barr

Last October, GW released a statement saying it awarded Cosby based on what was known at the time and that “it is not university practice to withdraw a degree in response to comments made by the university.” happened before. After Cosby was convicted of sexual assault in April 2018, several schools revoked their degrees.

Several senior government officials were stripped of certificates of honor due to allegations of misconduct and criticism. This is Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein and Steve Wynn.

It is common for legal practitioners to receive the kind of contempt that the GW Act provides. In 2018 the trustees of Lehigh University overruled the vote by 83% of the faculty to strip Donald Trump of the honorary degree of the private school in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania awarded him in 1988. honor our university], “including his praise. of the white protesters in Charlottesville,”. said the trustees were rejected. Lehigh revoked Cosby’s scholarship in 2015.

Writing in the legal book Above the Law, former attorney general Joe Patrice supported the reversal of Barr’s decision. “Law schools should not stand for information but should stand for law,” he said. Shooting peaceful protesters, bringing the National Guard to Washington illegally, and hiring … what are these soldiers, they are all outside “respect for the law”.

Barr’s Defense Of Trump In E. Jean Carroll’s Suit Could Give Presidents Carte Blanche

In response to questions about the controversy over Barr’s honorary degree, GW Law’s interim president, Christopher A. Bracey, asked to read a letter sent to students, faculty and staff this week. The letter describes the protests caused by the killing of George Floyd. Another article said: “We will not ignore the events that are happening in our country, or how they will affect the people of our region, or the relationship with the justice of many people who have changed the history of our country.” – if it is not a contradiction, then it is in accordance with the idea that we must protect and protect the right to protest as an important constitutional right that comes from the founding of our country. “

He also wrote that, “We realize that laws and regulations, whether electoral, legal, or judicial, are the most disruptive forces that can be overcome to pay for public needs. Attorney General William Barr, and President Trump, in a meeting with federal prosecutors on media abuse at the White House on Sept. 23. Tom Brenner/Reuters file

Attorney General William Barr announced his resignation on Monday, effective next week, shortly after Joe Biden was confirmed as the next president. Barr’s early resignation — she will leave nearly a month before the end of President Donald Trump’s term — combined with her lack of involvement in Trump’s efforts to overturn the election results almost derailed Barr’s efforts to return to respectability. he was happy, but he did not study, before he joined this government.

But don’t be fooled by a good job of not helping the president destroy American democracy. Barr’s performance as attorney general should be judged by comparison with her predecessors, not by Trump’s hopes of taking on Roy Cohn himself. By the old metric, Barr is the oldest attorney general in US history.

Barr’s Jan. 6 Hearing Testimony Shows Futility Of Trying To Sway Trump

Barr’s resignation letter reminds us of his true sin: covering up the Trump campaign’s collusion (if not collusion) with Russia’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 election, which Barr called “an effort to stop, if not stop.” remove authority without basis. and baseless accusations.” In his letter. Barr, just doing a quick job by writing an unsolicited statement that undermines the president’s authority to the point that if the reading of the law is correct or correct, it is impossible for Trump to do anything. This will confirm Robert Muller’s findings.

But the problem is that Barr’s legal arguments are always false; they try to get to someone in authority.

For example, during his tenure as attorney general – which has a long history in his position – Barr criticized the Mueller report that he described as a summary of his investigation in 2019, prompting Mueller to take action. (in private) dispute. But filling the void left when Mueller’s deliberate decision to withhold disclosure, Barr managed to write a lie that there was no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian interference in the 2016 election. and Russia’s efforts to influence him were less than impressive. ).

This is, so far, the only case that Barr has handled as Trump’s lawyer rather than the US Attorney General. Barr also dismissed a lawsuit against Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who accused him of wrongdoing. He fired the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Geoffrey Berman, in what everyone (including Berman) thought was retaliation for the investigation of Trump and his associates; he also tried to lie that Berman had resigned.

Ag William Barr Again Defends Law Enforcement’s Force In Controversial Removal Of Peaceful Protesters In Dc

Barr also ordered the removal of protesters from Lafayette Park in Washington so that Trump could record the George Floyd protest. And, by hiding evidence of the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia, he opened up a political investigation to those investigating the matter. Finally – in one of the most dramatic events of his career on behalf of Trump – he tried to defend Trump against the lawsuit filed by E. Jean Carroll, saying that Trump was in office when he denied that Carroll did not ascend the throne. so he can not sleep with her as he says.

Barr’s efforts to promote Trump continued in the 2020 campaign. In particular, he ordered the chief prosecutor in Pittsburgh to investigate the conspiracy involving Joe and Hunter Biden that was brought to the FBI by Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, as Trump’s lawyer. Although it is very different from the terrible decision by FBI Director James Comey (who was fired by Trump in 2017) to ignore the culture of the department and inform Congress about the reopening of the investigation into Hillary’s email server. Clinton in 2016, Barr did. not investigated. research. people during the election campaign. But giving a Trump staff special access to the FBI is hypocritical, and “investigating the FBI on who wants to be president better than James Comey” is the lowest level imaginable.

It’s also the rarest step in which Barr — again, the US Attorney General — has publicly challenged Trump’s lies about the election fraud that led to his downfall. It’s a good thing that Barr — unlike many top Republicans — isn’t willing to go along with it.

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