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Research work – use more of the SPC tool we have discussed during our classes, use Fishbone to search for the causes; · Discussion – has to be rewritten, as it is now is rather presentation and analysis of the results; you have to discuss your results in the light of other results found by other authors;
October 10, 2021
read case study and answer discussion question 3
October 10, 2021

1. What is the Centralized Authorization File (CAF)?2. To whom does the Chief Counsel of the IRS report?3. You are researching a point of law and discover a private letter ruling that supports your position. May you use this authority in a memorandum of law to the IRS or in a court brief?4. Distinguish a revenue ruling from a private letter ruling. May taxpayers be assured that the IRS will not challenge positions taken on tax returns that rely on these statements?5. Is it always advisable to obtain a private letter ruling regarding a prospective transaction? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of making such a request?


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