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is 11 x 11 the same as 11 to the power of 2 just say yes or no
October 6, 2021
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October 6, 2021

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Two characters analysis in Packer’s Geese.She finds it difficult to trust anyone unconditionally and she is suspicious about everything. The scene for Dina shifts to Tokyo in this story. She lives with a group of young people who are jobless in Tokyo. They face slow starvation, and reach a situation where they share in one grapefruit and banana between five people. “The all-knowing arrogance of youth” is subdued by hunger. How small issues can take the grim turn—Dina alienates her roommates by eating the last slice of grapefruit. The thematic ploy in this story is “Asian prejudice against blacks.” The compulsions of living life in odd circumstances, when empty stomach leaves very harsh choices for survival—and Dina prostitutes herself to a Japanese sarariman, the men who liked to proposition black girls, because “Verry chah-ming daaark-ku skin. “What the story tells us through Dina is, the important aspect of life is the process through which one lives it. Success and failures are but incidental factors, the reality of life is one’s approach to the struggles. In this story one finds the older, experienced Dina, from what she was in the story ‘Drinking Coffee Elsewhere.” She is in Tokyo with young company with persons like Ari, Petra, Zoltan etc. Being unable to find work through the normal channels, she invents a trick to eat and pay the rent. “She left with a wad of yen. While riding the tokkyuu she watched life pass, alert employees returning to work, uniformed children on a field trip. It all passed by — buildings, signs, throngs of people everywhere.” — Ayesha Court. ‘Geese’ continues the somber mood, but with an almost surreal edge to it and a host of memorable if not necessarily fully-realized characters.“The store manager, a nervous Japanese man in his forties, brought her to Zoltan, telling him, in smiling, broken English, to keep her at home”(p.203) is the second important character in the story,


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