kantian ethics and utilitarianism 1

Davis, O. L., Fante, R. M., &amp
November 26, 2021
Leslie Snow manages a team of five help desk operators. The cubicles of the operators are located a floor below Leslie’s office. Each operator is required to log help desk calls into a team database. This database tracks the nature of a problem, the length of the call, and whether the problem was fixed or sent to the engineering department for further investigation.
November 26, 2021

Former Transcanada engineer Evan Vokes filed a formal complaint against his employer with the Canadian government alleging noncompliance. [For a quick overview of the case, see this interview with Vokes on FoxBusiness: http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/2477701059001 and Peterson’s Ethics for Engineers textbook (pp. 105–06).]

In this paper, briefly describe what Vokes claimed happened and the company’s response, using at least two reliable sources; identify the relevant moral features of his act of whistleblowing, and assess the morality of this act (i) according to Kantian duty ethics and (ii) according to rule utilitarianism.

Details of the paper are in the attached PDF.


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