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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Part 1
You are the revenue manager. Explain how you would implement a revenue management culture into a new hotel and contrast it with how you would implement the culture into a hotel with an existing cost based culture.
Part 2
Prepare a report for the Wyatt management addressing the following requirements:
Compare and contrast the relative merits of RevPAR, RevPOR, GOPPAR and RevPASH as measures of performance. When would you use each measure and why?
What elements of the hospitality experience are not measured by these approaches? Explain why these elements are important and how would you measure them?
Evaluate the Wyatt’s performance against its proposed performance measures. Incorporate any relevant trend analysis.
Evaluate the Wyatt’s competitive set and make at least three (3) recommendations on what customer characteristics the Wyatt revenue management team could price differentiate.
Make recommendations of how the Wyatt could manage its inventory and its prices in order to optimize revenue.
Discuss the importance of forecasting in revenue management. Explain how you would undertake your forecasts if your suggestions about implementing a revenue management approach were accepted by management. Explain how you would monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the revenue management approach.
Calculate and plot RevPAR, RevPOR and GOPPAR for each month for the Wyatt on the same set of axes. Describe and account for any trends you identify.
Calculate monthly RevPASH if the food and beverage establishments are open from 4 to 12 each night and the number of turns is 1 per hour.
Format- Report style- with appropriately labelled and constructed tables and graphs (if included)


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