Improving Population Health—Letter to the Editor

Improving Population Health—Letter to the Editor
March 3, 2020
Death of the salesman
March 3, 2020

There are mechanisms in place that are used to improve population health, including (1) health
statuses and outcomes, (2) determinant factors, and (3) interventions that address determinant
factors and improve outcomes (Joshi et al., 2014 p. 549). How health care is provided and how it
can be improved is the focus of this assignment, which lends itself to a perfect opportunity for you
to put your analysis skills into practice. The Learning Resources section this week provides you with
data from the patient experience of care that also sheds light on expectations that have and have
not been met. The Healthy People 2020 data provides measurements and goals for health care into
the future, along with reasons for achieving those goals.
For this Assignment, you will read a scenario, analyze an existing problem using the data/resources
provided, and make recommendations to address the issues.
To prepare:
Review all Learning Resources for the week that relate to improving population health.
The Assignment:
Read the following scenario:
The community of Springfield (population approximately 100,000) is made up of hardworking,
mostly older, factory laborers who contributed to both the city and county growth from the late
1950s through early 2005. Since the plant closed, many of the former workers have little to look
forward to. There are few jobs available and they are now aging; most are 60 years of age or older.
The Memorial Hospital has been in existence since the mid-1950s and has several primary care
physicians and nurse practitioners, a couple of general surgeons, and one cardiologist, but no
cardiac surgeons.

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