Illegal Police Interrogations

Illegal Police Interrogations – In Illinois, J.B. is the first state since the governor to ban police from lying and using deception about minors when interrogating minors. Pritzker recently enacted the legislation.

Advocates of the new law say lying or other deceitful conduct during the interrogation of teens could lead to false confessions and ultimately false convictions.

Illegal Police Interrogations

“I hope Illinois sets an example for passing this law in all 50 states,” Pritzker said.

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The law, which went into effect on January 1, prohibits police from knowingly giving false information about evidence or making unauthorized statements of tolerance when interrogating minors under the age of 17.

Trier Swift spent 15 years in prison after making a false confession about rape and murder in 1994. DNA evidence later linked the crime to a previously convicted killer and sex offender. Swift is one of the “Englewood Four” teenagers wrongly convicted.

“When they first brought it to me, I was impressed that it could have saved my life,” Swift told NBC News. “But the reality is, I can’t get back what I got. That’s why I want to help prevent this from happening again in the future.” By subscribing to the Prism newsletter, you’ll be the first to receive ideas that make you think and act News and analysis people. Prism is our time to develop with people at the forefront of injustice. will help deepen your understanding of the most pressing issues

Earlier this summer, Illinois announced it would become the first state to ban police from lying to minors during interrogations, a news that many legal rights groups and youth welfare advocates applauded. Shortly thereafter, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed a similar law prohibiting police from lying to suspects under the age of 18, and New York state is considering doing the same. when you lie

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“Recent movements in Oregon and Illinois supporting injunctions against at least some vulnerable suspects have been around for a long time, and we hope to see it in other states as well.” Stanford Law School Professor, Stanford Criminal Justice “It remains to be seen whether this will be the first step towards a comprehensive ban on cheating and interrogation,” said center co-director David Alan Sklansky. “

Efforts to ban adult lying during interrogation in the U.S. are inferior to those of minors, but states considering legislation could follow suit in other countries. In the UK, for example, it was banned in 1984. Other countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, later passed similar laws.

“The practice of deceptive interrogation has long been banned in many other countries,” Sklansky said. “Germany has banned it for decades, so there is a lot of precedent around the world.”

Part of the reason the conversation about police lies is limited to minors is that the tactic known as the Reid technique has been a cornerstone of American police for generations.

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“In America, people believe that the police can best expose the truth by misleading people,” Sklansky noted. It has long been depicted in classic detective shows such as

“The thinking at the time was that the police would deceive innocent people without confessing. They would only deceive sinners.”

In fact, Cynthia Najdowski, an associate professor of psychology at the State University of New York at Albany, explains that deceptive and misleading statements during police interrogations can lead innocent people to commit crimes without their knowledge.

“In some cases, the police may lie to you and say they have video evidence showing you at the crime scene, or that they have your fingerprints at the crime scene,” Najdowski said. After hours of police interrogation, those who learned they had incriminating evidence “I don’t think they have a choice but to simply tell detectives what detectives want to hear.” .

Illinois First State To Bar Police From Lying To Minors In Interrogations

Many innocent people confess to crimes they did not commit, often feeling that they can be resolved later because they know they have committed a crime.

“Innocent is actually a risk factor for false confessions,” Najdowski said. “Innocent people are less likely to assert their Miranda rights and their right to a lawyer.” “They are more likely to be interrogated or interviewed and say something The police can use it as evidence against them.”

In her research, Najdowski also found that juries tend to believe that innocent people won’t admit to things they didn’t actually do.

“The jury will sometimes admit that the condition is mandatory, and can identify it and say, ‘Oh, the detective lied. Long question,'” Najdowski said. “They can even say, ‘They think the police crossed the line’ , but the confession is still true.’”

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Kate Levine, a law professor at Cardozo School of Law, pointed to evidence that police knew it was wrong to lie because there were safeguards against lying.

“Most police [departments] have a bill of rights, and when a police officer asks a question, usually one of the things in the bill of rights is that you can’t lie,” he said. “It also shows that this is a tactic that the police know is problematic.”

Sklansky said examining the UK and other jurisdictions that ban police lying showed that effective investigations were possible.

“I don’t think there’s any evidence that the ban has hindered an effective trial in the UK, New Zealand or Australia,” he said. “There is considerable evidence in these countries that the frequency of false confessions by innocent people has decreased.”

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If the state bans police lying altogether, law enforcement agencies across the country will have to resort to new methods of interrogation.

“It will require retraining, as other countries have done,” Sklansky said. “When the UK banned deceptive interrogation practices in 1984, it was part of an overhaul of police interrogation practices. Police officers have been retrained in new interrogation methods.”

But while current interrogation methods remain legal, Levine said there are relatively simple things ordinary Americans can do to protect their rights.

“No one should stop hiring a lawyer right now, but four out of five gave up Miranda’s rights,” he said, noting that many Americans would be surprised that the police would lie. “Lawmakers feel little pressure to empower those who voted for them to be arrested or charged with crimes. Awareness is an important first step.”

Lying To Minors During Police Interrogations Will Be Illegal In Illinois

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