Review your classmates’ posts and write a minimum 150-word response to at least two of them.  Explain if you agree or disagree with the values they have identified.  Also, state whether you agree or disagree with the implications for education that they have cited and make additional suggestions about the implications of the values that they have identified.

Identify two values that are currently affecting American Society.  The two values that I chose “do what you’re told” versus “do what you want” and delayed gratification versus instant gratification.

How have historical events and mass media affected the values that you chose?  With the internet, Facebook, Twitter, snapchat, and all of the other social media outlets, the values have been slowly decreasing.Most of the students only care about is what is going on in the world around them outside of school.Our school recently started letting the Middle/High School have their cell phones at lunchtime only and before lunch the students are focused on running to get on their phones to check social media until they stop paying attention to class and disrupt others.Everything is fast paced for them and just like another teacher friend of mine said: “they are like the microwave kids, they want everything this instant instead of waiting.”

What impact do these two values have on your professional career? These two values have a great impact on my career because students in this generation have different values and morals.A prime example is when I was speaking with our freshman last year; I asked them what their goals were after they graduate.One student told me that she wanted to be a hairdresser and make lots of money.I asked her how she was going to prepare for that type of career.She told me that she would just open up her home and have a shop there.I told her no, you would have to go to school, be properly trained, and get a license.She said that would take too long to accomplish.I tried to explain to her how things in the real world work and she just looked at me as if no one has told her the steps to being successful.Another impact is how in the 50s children respected teachers more and when they were asked to do something they did it with no questions asked.The parents were not always at the school questioning theteacher’s decisions.This generation is like the child can go home and not tell the whole story. The parent will come to the school not to get an understanding of what happened but to try to correct the teacher based off of what the child has said. 

How might these values affect what we believe about education and how we implement education? If these values don’t get better, we will have to come up with better ways to keep their attention in the classroom.Some ways they have started was introducing iPads and other technology to the classrooms.Also, I have seen social contracts between the teachers and students that the students sign after the rules have been read to them.Another way we could try to get through to them is to teach them the effects of instant gratification.There are many examples out there of movie stars and others that have had a major downfall from wanting instant fame and fortune.


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