Hurricane Katrina Case Study

Latin America: The National Period
March 3, 2020
Hurricane Katrina Case Study
March 3, 2020

To demonstrate what you have learned in this course, for your final written assignment you will
develop a Leadership Analysis case study that addresses multiple aspects of leadership within
an organization and the larger community during a crisis or disaster. This will require you to
identify the leadership styles and strategies used by a municipal level (local), state, or national
public safety agency or organization. Please include transformational or transactional leader
Option B:
For this option, view these articles as a starting point:
Curtis, C. A. (2018). Organizational networks in times of crisis: Lessons from Katrina. Journal of
Contingencies & Crisis Management, 26(2), 202–211.
Boin, A., Hart, P., McConnell, A., & Preston, T. (2010). Leadership style, crisis response, and blame
management: The case of Hurricane Katrina. Public Administration, 88(3), 706–723.
For either option, you will develop a 7–10-page analysis that examines leadership types,
theories, and scholarly literature relevant to the organization/situation and provides a
recommendation of the most effective leadership model as applied to the scenario and community. See the scoring guide for more details.
In your paper:
Provide a broad description of the organization, the problem, and the leader involved.
Identify the agency or organization selected and the leader selected for your analysis.
Identify the problem facing that leader in terms of the crisis or disaster.
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Elaborate on that leader’s preparation (education, skills, and experience that prepared him or her
for the leadership response).
Analyze how the leader’s style and practices relate to emerging leadership theories.
Determine the leadership style (primary) used by the leader to respond to the crisis or disaster
and identify the ancillary leadership styles employed to address different stakeholders.
Analyze the ethical implication of the leader’s decisions and communication choices.
In concluding remarks, determine how the leader’s decisions and communication practices
promoted or failed to promote social responsibility.
Additional Requirements

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