How effective has their ‘crisis communication’ been? • Are their marketing practices in line with the rest of their approach to operational approach? • Analyze the structure of United Airlines •

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October 10, 2021
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October 10, 2021

This week we peel away the outside layers and look inside the organization with an assessment of United Airline’s internal environment.Remember, the goal is to:• First – locate, convey, and explain the KEY information critical to understanding these elements of the organization• Next – assess those findings and make a definitive and evaluative determination as to their strategic impact on UAL as an organization.The applicable elements to consider in the preparation of the internal environmental evaluation include the following:• organizational culture / human resource management processes• financial management• marketing efforts• organizational structure
• Analyze the culture / human resource management processes at United Airlines• Is it strong or weak?• Does it help the company or is it a liability?• What role does the culture play in creating (and/or sustaining) the competitive advantage(s)?• Are they effective at acquiring, growing, and retaining talent?• Are there practices in place (potentially connected to the culture) that help to build an effective organizational team – or is the organization nothing more than a collection of employees?• Analyze the marketing practices and management of United Airlines• Do they understand (well) their customers – worldwide?• What trends do they need to be aware of – and do they market (well) to those trends?• How effective has their ‘crisis communication’ been?• Are their marketing practices in line with the rest of their approach to operational approach?• Analyze the structure of United Airlines• In its current form, understanding the need for strategy/structure connectivity• Is it effective in supporting the strategic initiatives?• Should any changes be made to the structure – given their current strategy – to create a better strategy/structure connection?• Analyze the financial situation of United Airlines• Compute the applicable key financial ratios for United Airlines and compare the results to either (both) industry standards and their competitors
• Liquidity and profitability • Quick ratio• ROI • Gross profit• Debt to equity • Operating expense ratio• Inventory turnover ratio • Earnings per share (EPS)
• How effective is United Airlines comparatively?• Are there any changes to United Airlines’ financial management practices that would help to better manage the financial position of United Airlines?Perform a VRIN test on these internal elements of United Airlines’ operations• In your opinion, and based on your analysis so far, what is/are UAL’s competitive advantage(s)?• How/what would you describe United Airlines’ current business model toThink through the answers to these questions – and then logically organize your researched findings, your support, your evaluations, and your conclusions.Summarize and transmit your findings in a memo to the CEO


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