Gilda Graff’s ideas about inter generational trauma

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March 13, 2020
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March 13, 2020

Use Gilda Graff’s ideas about intergenerational trauma and slavery to analyze one or two character’s actions and situations in Octavia Butler’s Kindred.
For this essay, you should do the following:

In your introduction, briefly summarize the novel.
Use a strong thesis statement at the end of your intro. Remember, a good thesis statement has both a claim and a rationale (the “so what?” part).
Develop ideas/reasons to convince readers of your main argument.
Find one scholarly source, from the library databases, to support your ideas
Support your various ideas/reasons with specific examples and quotes from the novel, Graff’s article, and one scholarly source. Each paragraph needs to have one but no more than two properly integrated quotes.
Explain the relevance of those quotes as they relate to/support your argument.

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