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Describe contractual agreements, and the implication for property disputes and Family Law. Use technology and information resources to research issues related to civil and criminal procedures. Write clearly and concisely about issues in law and the legal system using proper writing mechanics.
October 10, 2021
Corporate proposal iv: computer usage and restriction policies
October 10, 2021

1. At ? =.05 and .10, test the hypothesis that the proportion of Consumer (CON) industry companies winter quarter profit growth is more than 2% greater than the proportion of Banking (BKG) companies winter quarter profit growth, given that p CON=.20, p BKG=.14, nCON=300, nBKG=400. 2. The mid-distance running coach, Zdravko Popovich, for the Olympic team of an eastern European country claims that his six-month training program significantly reduces the average time to complete a 1500-meter run. Five mid-distance runners were randomly selected before they were trained with coach Popovich’s six-month training program and their completion time of 1500-meter run was recorded (in minutes). After six months of training under coach Popovich, the same five runners’ 1500 meter run time was recorded again the results are given below.At an alpha level of .05, can we conclude that there has been a significant decrease in the mean time per mile? 3. Test H0: ?1 ?2 at ?= .05, when Xbar=75.4, Xbar=72.2, s1=3.3, s2=2.1, n1=6, n2=6. Indicate which test you are performing; show the hypotheses, the test statistic and the critical values and mention whether one-tailed or two-tailed. Here µ indicates population mean and Xbar indicates the sample mean.


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