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Incidence of Heart Failure among elders (65 to 80 years old) in Lynwood Il
October 6, 2021
Pre-and Post-Lab Assignment for Lab Reports 1 and 2
October 6, 2021

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Film Study.His interaction with the world will lay basis of the analysis and will portray interpersonal communication ability of the actors.The events in Hunting’s life indicate how childhood exposure may affect interactions between individuals. The mother son relation between Hunting and his mother indicates the nature at which he perceives persons of the opposite sex hence affecting his relationship with Skylar. This concept is also visible when Hunting attacks on a man who wronged him during his childhood life. The concept can be replicated in an organization setup where conflict resolution and consultation becomes important when averting a recurrence of a negative event. The ability to communicate becomes effective once a person uses it to solve complex issues. The complex nature of communication provides avenues in which individuals may approach a conflict. In Will’s situation, alternative avenues are provided for him hence behavioral therapy advised rather than years in solitaire.Hunting displays traits that result to conflict hence demining the essence of interpersonal communication. The negative emotions that Hunting displays towards a man who once assaulted him and the police officer indicate the nature in which negative emotions may escalate into a conflict and that it may affect relations between two individual. The motive of Will Hunting is to seek revenge thus ignoring the essence of dialogue and consultation as a means of resolving conflicts. Communication is a vital tool while discovering mistakes and indicating ways in which individual may journey themselves towards change. The willingness to change is evident once Hunting begins his therapy recommended to him by the professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The therapy sessions are aimed at providing Hunting with an insight on behavioral change hence acting as a tool of conflict resolution. The therapy allows will to rediscover himself through a second


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