Social Sciences
January 26, 2020
Drafting and Reviewing the Research Draft
January 26, 2020

    Ask the user to input the degree of the polynomial.

    Based on the inputted degree, ask the user to input the different polynomial coefficients.

    Generate a range X of values between  100 and 100.

    Calculate polynomial P(x) for all values of range X. These results should be allocated in a vector P.
    Plot the graph of P(x) in a figure titled Graph of Polynomial.

    P(x) should be plotted in blue.
    The title should be in blue, Font Size 16, Font Weight bold.
    The x-axis should be labelled x-axis in red, Font Size 12, Font Weight bold.
    The y-axis should be labelled y-axis in red, Font Size 12, Font Weight bold.
    The figure should display major and minor grid lines.
    x-axis limits should be set between the first and final roots 2.
    y-axis limits should be set between the extrema 2.

    Find in vector P the indices for which P(x)=0 and the indices at which P(x) sign changes. Based on these indices the root will be determined.
The root must not be determined using any embedded Matlab functions such as fzero, roots, poly, polyval, etc.

    The code should return in the command window the number of roots, and the roots value sorted in ascending orders.


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