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Discuss the presentation of Lilith in Saramago’sCain.  Is she, in fact, a witch?  Why do the workers in the land of Nod seem to think that this is the case?  What is their evidence? Consider the following statement Lilith makes about herself in an intriguing conversation with Cain
October 10, 2021
Db3-421 | SPORTS 421 | Liberty University
October 10, 2021

Select 4-5 recent academic articles on a business-related topic of your choice, preferably, with the opinions of authors disagreeing in some of areas.  Find common themes discussed in the articles that you have selected.  Write a review of selected articles, grouping the information by themes discussed.So basically select any 4 recent academic articles with written by different authors on same topic/theme. Choose articles in a way where each author has different point of views on the topic/theme of the article. Basically a debate but in form of articles.Now write up to 2 pages summary report for this. Summary should start with a short introduction of the topic/theme of the articles. What all of the 4 articles are trying to discuss. In the main body part, write a short summary for each different author’s point of view on that topic/theme. Find common themes and summarize how all 4 author’s point of views varies Highlight how their opinion differs based on what arguments.Write a short conclusion paragraph expressing your opinion on that theme.Instructions:1. Please make whole report plagiarism FREE2. Please mention all the references and follow APA format.3. Content should be free of spelling mistakes, and grammatical mistakes.4. Please keep the content language professional business level. to the point, clear, readable and meaningful.


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