Discussion 2.2: bronze age architecture

Martha has lost her keys. She looks in her purse, only to find that they are not there. She looks in various places – rooms of her house, cushions of the sofa, even in the refrigerator – but she keeps coming back to her purse to make sure that the keys are not there. Martha’s tendency to solve the problem using a successful past solution is an example of __________.
November 22, 2021
Write a 1 page essay addressing the discussion questions. Adhere to APA formatting and cite all sources. Should criminal charges be considered in this case, if accurately reported? Discuss your answer.
November 22, 2021

Architects in the past (just like those in the present) weren’t concerned with just building structures. Discuss the political, social, religious, or psychological concerns that dictated the types of constructions we see in the middle and late Bronze Age. Select at least 2 structures and put yourself in role of architect and viewer. What was the architect trying to accomplish and what did the viewer experience? Make sure to write about both perspectives and as always make sure to comment on your peers’ work.


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