Critique employment empowerment and necessary leadership

Exceptionalities evident at birth
October 10, 2021
 post a brief description of the possible health outcomes that may be experienced by individuals exposed to toxic substances with regard to this case study. Then post a brief explanation of environmental laws, policies, and enforcement agencies that should resolve the situation. Finally, explain your position on the ethical and legal responsibilities of governments in protecting communities in other countries from environmental harm.
October 10, 2021

How can I address the following components? I must pretend I am the head of a governmental agency and I am frustrated because the agency has been operating on stale ideas for years and now must make changes.  In 5-7 pages with at least 3 scholarly references cited in APA 7format I must address the following:

 Explain how you would engage leadership to strive for employee empowerment to make necessary changes. How could this agency have such a strong leadership team but have complacent employees?

Defend the use of team building and strong communications in meeting the challenge of motivating these employees. Indicate what leadership’s role should be in these processes.

Determine if you would consider task-group collaboration to initiate the changes and if so, explain why. If not, indicate how you would otherwise initiate the changes. 

I need help with putting all of this in APA 7 format 


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