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MENTAL HEALTH, NURSING MANAGEMENT AND COMMUNITY RESOURCES.I need a term paper written 3-5 pages, not including abstract and a minimum of 3 references, with reference sheet APA format
November 25, 2021
B. Living with the ConstitutionWhat are the formal and informal methods of constitutional change?How do checks and balances work in the lawmaking process today? Which current and important events do you think are examples of the success of checks and balances?Do you think the Constitution is a relevant political document for the twenty-first century? What new amendments might be appropriate today?
November 25, 2021

 Please research and share a current or recent Constitutional issue or case from the news headlines. Please briefly share the details of this issue with the class and discuss specifically which Amendments or sections of the Constitutions are at issue. Finally, how do you believe this issue should be handled from a Constitutional perspective; note that this may be different from your personal opinions on the matter. In other words, if this issue was before you as a Supreme Court Justice, how would you decide the matter from a Constitutional interpretation standpoint?  


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