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Given your data and findings, how would you go about resolving the problem – what are the specific actions – and time lines – what would be the challenges faced and how would they be overcome – what would be the resources needed to solve the problem?
October 10, 2021
The big five inventory. (psychology)
October 10, 2021

Complete 1 page APA formatted article: My Career Considerations. Those who prefer autonomy would engage in personal business, those who like a sense of meaningfulness who prefer offering valuable services such as peer counseling. Additionally, people who prefer jobs with feedback who prefer sports coaching where feedback is significantly valued. Of the three jobs, I would prefer a job where I would have autonomy over my decisions and actions. I would engage in personal business otherwise known as a sole proprietorship (Pitts, & Stotlar, 295). Personal business is a job where the owner has absolute powers over day-day operations of the business. I choose personal business due to the following reasons: Being one’s bossA sole proprietorship offers the opportunity for being own boss, where I will not receive orders from any person or quarter. Being my own boss, I would issue orders to my staff on matters relating to the operation of the business. However, I would not have been in such a position in case I was employed. In this position, I would work at my pace and convenience without the stress of working under someone who may in some instances be manipulative and mistreating (Pitts, & Stotlar, 298). Opportunity to implement business ideas Being the owner and manager of the business, I would have the chance to implement various business ideas that I feel are suitable for the success of the business. Moreover, I would be in a position to implement the innovations and plans of actions without the need to consult anybody since I am my own boss (Pitts, & Stotlar, 302). Moreover, I would not experience any resistance when implementing the ideas, as I am the sole it successful.


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