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Write a critical essay on ‘the external and industry environmental changes and need for proper scanning them for effective business strategy formation. 
You are requested to take any company or several companies from the nos 51 -100 companies in the list of Fortune Top 500 companies.
October 10, 2021
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October 10, 2021

Write 2 pages thesis on the topic food and beverage operations. ?Case Study: Food and Beverage OperationsChange is inevitable in any institution. Ed Hastings has a history of success in all the positions held as an employee. He has a goal of implementing change in the organization through a structural approach. The approach deals with the major issues that affect the productivity of the employees. The changes that ED Hastings focuses on will increase the productivity of the employees. The approach demonstrates that the leadership of the organization is keen on focusing on employee motivation for success. However, the management could have an obligation of embracing the change to encourage the employees. I would delete the fourth point of Ed Hasting’s list that suggest on holding a meeting with the managers of other units. This is because it is important to give other managers the freedom of becoming autonomous decision makers. Such managers need to have an initiative in the implementation of change in the areas they find necessary within their units (Fisher & Ashley, p. 16). The most important item is the idea of visiting at least one franchise and one company store per week. This is because once there is the formulation of a change policy. individuals within the organization could hesitate in the implementation. Therefore, it is important for Ed Hastings to monitor the level of implementation of the change, to ensure that the actual change occurs (Fisher & Ashley, p. 17). Every employee among the teammates of performing units needs to receive an equal share of the $20,000 bonus pool. This is because the essence of teamwork is the provision of a particular outcome of the engagement of equal efforts. Therefore, the performance reward needs to consider and be an integral part of the equal effort. The Food and Beverage Industry has several trending concerns. Most of the companies are placing an emphasis on the reduction of food waste. This entails the formulation of measures that ensure the reduction of waste from the start to the end of the supply chain. Another concern is the need of the companies to focus on food and beverage safety. This ensures that the companies achieve consumer trust through the provision of quality products. The know-lead leadership model has five practices. To begin with, the leaders develop the goals and principles for the people in an organization. Secondly, they inspire the people to have a commitment towards achieving the goals. Thirdly, the leaders challenge transition policies through the innovation of better ways that ensure organizational improvement. Fourthly, they give other people in the organization a chance to suggest and implement strategies of the organization. Lastly, leaders recognize the efforts of individuals in an organization through the celebration of accomplishments. Managers and staff can create a memorable and worthy experience for their customers in several ways. Through customer recognition, the identification of customer by name creates a perception that they are important to the company. The management needs to consider the implementation of after sales services. For instance, the employees could assist the consumers in carrying the guests’ luggage to their cars. Lastly, through the appreciation of the customers, they can refer others to the company because of customer satisfaction. Work CitedFisher, William P, and Robert A Ashley. Case Studies in Commercial Food Service Operations. Lansing, Mich: American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute, 2003. 16-17. Print.


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