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Part two, not assessed, but obligatory and must be submitted with part one.This is an updated personal portfolio with a reflective report (1000 words) on how they have used strategic thinking learned from the module to develop their understanding.
October 10, 2021
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October 10, 2021

Your tasks:This week, you’ll be looking at a physical sample and a bunch of virtual samples of Reese’s Pieces candy and reporting your findings.The instructions are in the document here: Reese’s Pieces.pdfActionsWhat do you post?Post the proportion of oranges in your physical sample. From your simulated samples of size 25, post the mean and standard deviation from your 500 samples. From your simulated samples of size 75, post the mean and standard deviation from your 500 samples. Report anything you noticed about how the distribution graphs from your simulations were shaped, how the graphs differed as the sample size changed from 25 to 75, and how the means and standard deviations differed with the different sample size. Answer: Is a sample proportion more likely to be close to the population proportion with a larger sample size or with a smaller sample size? Do you think CalPoly’s estimate of 0.45 is reasonable for the true population proportion of Reese’s Pieces? Briefly explain why or why not, using the evidence from your physical sample (and possibly the other physical samples you see people posting about).After you’ve read several others’ posts, feel free to chime back in with any similarities and differences you see. Look in particular at how the proportions vary among the physical samples compared with how the means varied among the virtual samples. Is this what you expected? Can you explain what you see?


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