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November 26, 2021
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November 26, 2021


Norton, Michael I. and Jeremy Dann (2013), “Juan Valdez: Innovation in Caffeination,” Harvard Business School, Case 9-513-090, pages 1-24.

Electronic copies of the cases can be purchased at Harvard Business Publishing. Access: (Links to an external site.)

Due: Sun Nov 8 @10:00pm NOTE: Reminder:  Original Post due @10:00pm; Reply Post due @11:30pm

Answer ALL Discussion Forum Questions and Reply to at least 1 other student’s post.  Please give reasons WHY when giving your opinions.

Juan Valdez, the fictional farmer that helped the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) make “100% Colombian mountain grown coffee, which prior to 1990’s was the preferred choice among American consumers vs Starbucks.

(1)  Analyze the unique nature of the Colombian coffee sector and state how it both constrains the Juan Valdez brand and how it offers opportunities for future innovations.

(2)  How did the federation and the Juan Vladez brand adapt to a new era of competition in the coffee industry? Does the changed organization have the organizational capabilities to compete?

(3)  Should Procafecol invest in new brewing, packaging and other technologies, ore remain firmly entrenched as a branding organization?

(4) Would you close the flagship store or keep it open? What are the reasons for doing each? Do the FNC and Procafecol have different perspectives on this matter?


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