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Resources: Appendix A, Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology , and the Faces of Abnormal Psychology Interactive application at the McGraw Hill Higher Education website
November 23, 2021
a. Describe the research design that your selected article’s author(s) used in conducting the study (Ex: survey or inventory, individual or group interview, case study, laboratory controlled or naturalistic observation).&nbsp
November 23, 2021



After studying this chapter, you should be able to do the following:


LO1.1 Explain the importance of establishing credibility for business communications.


LO1.2 Describe how competence, caring, and character affect your credibility as a communicator.


LO1.3 Define and explain business ethics, corporate values, and personal values.


LO1.4 Explain the FAIR approach to ethical business communications. 


i will attach the chapter powerpoint for more help.


its due within 7 houres from now



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