Building Skills for Communication

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October 6, 2021
Planning the project: 450+ words discussion and two(2) responses with
October 6, 2021

Hello,As educators, building rapport is a crucial part of our career. Building rapport with families, students, and colleagues help increase the overall success of the student and the school. However, building rapport is only one skill that should be improved. As stated in chapter fours Building Skills for Communication, skills for communication are:1. Rapport Building2. Responsive Listening3. Assertion4. Conflict Management5. Collaborative Problem SolvingBased on the five skills for building communication, explain in 2 pages in detail how you can implement and/or improve these skills as an educator. Must be in APA format and the rubric is attached below.The book must be used as a reference for this assignment and here’s the link to assess the book:!/4/6%400:0Thanks


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