BEHS103 Quiz 4 2016 (10/10)

strategy? Within competitive strategy what is the relevance of a value change framework? What are the implications for customers and the competition?…
October 23, 2020
Communication help needed about a three minutes presentation
October 23, 2020

QuestionQuiz 4Question 1 Read the statements below, and decide which one is a good example of the principle of the rule of law.(Adapted from wait for the walk signal at the crosswalk. As you step into the street a car speeds through the red light and nearly runs you over. A policeman nearby ignores the situation.The police seize your personal belongings. They give you no warning and no explanation. When you tell the local judge, she orders you to keep quiet.Murder is against the law, yet the police refuse to arrest a powerful government official who shoots and kills his neighbor in front of several eye-witnesses.Your neighbor is accused of a crime. She has an attorney who will represent her at a trial. A jury of her peers will make the final decision. The entire trial is open to the public.Question 2 According to the Constitutional Rights Foundation, both Plato and Aristotle believed that it was possible for an ideal political state to exist.TrueFalseQuestion 3 The document that first established that there should be a court system to protect the rights of all people, and codified that all men should have the right to due process and property rights was called:Magna CartaDeclaration of the rights of manUniversal declaration of human rightsDeclaration of independenceQuestion 4 The movement that democratized religion, shifting religious and governmental power away from Church to the average person was:The RenaissanceThe EnlightenmentThe Dark AgesThe ReformationQuestion 5 Who first stated that the rights of man included the right to life and liberty?Thomas PaineThomas JeffersonJohn LockeJean Jacques RousseauQuestion 6 The University Declaration of Human Rights was founded as a reaction to atrocities commited during the US Civil War.TrueFalseQuestion 7 China’s “One Child” policy and the advent of the Internet has given rise to a generation of only children who are more individualistic than in previous generations.TrueFalseQuestion 8 Which of the following important pieces of legislation is not associated with increased access to public education?Brown v. Board of EducationThe Affordable Care ActTitle IXthe GI BillQuestion 9 Which of the following important pieces of legislation is NOT associated with improving access for people with disabilities?Section 504 of the Rehabilitation actThe ADASOPAThe Tech Act of 1998Question 10 Romantic love is a fairly modern social phenomena that has evolved in part because women have more economic and social freedom than ever before.TrueFalse 

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