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October 10, 2021
What % of the food you eat is contaminated with pesticides?
October 10, 2021

Need an argumentative essay on Admission to the School of Nursing CRNA Program. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.The researcher will begin with the statement that his interests are varied and he has been a tennis player since the age of 7 years. However, in college, he suffered a shoulder injury, which compelled him to abstain from this truly marvelous sport. Subsequently, the author took up golf and sailing. In the words of Sir Francis Bacon ‘Reading maketh a full man.’ The researcher considers this maxim to be the gospel truth and as a result, he has read a lot of American and English Literature. Andre Segovia the mage of the guitar worked wonders on the author’s psyche and he has taken learning the guitar. In addition, images fascinate him and many a time he has felt that a particular picture or image should be retained for posterity, accordingly, he has commenced dabbling in photography. The researcher’s professional interests extend to transplant cases, trauma stabilization and pain management services. However, his principal objective is to have an independent CRNA practice. The author had long been witness to sickness at home or amongst his friends’ relatives. Being an observant child, he was quick to notice that nursing a sick person back to health was as important as proper diagnosis and medication. This served to generate deep interest in nursing. At that point in time, the author happened to read about the inimitable Florence Nightingale and her extraordinary contribution to nursing. The spark was ignited. The researcher became very much interested in nursing.


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