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C.L., a 55 year old right-handed woman, sought an evaluation for an overall decline in her writing, spelling, arithmetic and reading abilities. These had been present for approximately one year and had led her to resign from her position as a second grade teacher. Lapses of memory occurred occasionally. Despite these deficits, daily living activities remained intact. Her general physical examination and elementary neurological examination showed no deficits. Examination revealed an alert, cooperative and pleasant woman who was appropriately concerned about her predicament. She was fully oriented to time [year, month and day of the week] and place [country, province, city and location of testing] but had only a vague knowledge of current news events [who is the Premier of Ontario?].
November 26, 2021
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November 26, 2021

APRN Protocol Powerpoint Presentation

Students will develop a PowerPoint with  6 slides explaining the part of a APRN protocol or contract negotiation. The student will obtain a copy of the contract from preceptor or the internet and will demonstrated with examples their understanding of contract development.

The power point is just to reflect what is a collaborative agreement or protocol , when to be completed , the persons involved ( NP and physicians), what must be included in the protocol, why it’s required/ important.

Please APA Style

No pliagiarism


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