Informative Article (750-1000 words)

Reflective Essay (500 words)

Project 2
An informative article is a genre that explains, describes, and informs readers about a topic, rather than arguing for a particular opinion or viewpoint. Create an informative article about your topic for novices who are interested in learning about your topic. Your article should be informed by research you conduct.
Please be sure to cite the sources of the information you include (quotations, paraphrases, information drawn from interviews or reading–all should be cited). For this article, informal in-text citation (HWW pp. 558-9), such as what The New Yorker uses, will be fine–but I’d also like you to include an alphabetical list of your sources at the end of the article (see example on HWW p. 587).
Your first step is to find a topic you’re really interested in, as you will be working on this topic for the next four projects. What are you interested in learning more about? What do you think others would be interested in learning about, too
My Topic: Gaming-(especially computer game-League of Legends)
Reflective Essay
Your Reflective Essay is your chance to tell me what you learned about writing in an informative genre. What did you learn about how to write in an informative genre by writing this article? Please use the questions below to help you write your response. You can write about them in any order you want, but try to make your response into a coherent short essay.

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