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December 23, 2021
Post a brief description of two environmental factors that may impact the implementation of your personal fitness program and explain how. DISCUSSION BOARD DUE THIURSDAY…. USE THE RESOURCES
December 23, 2021

I have 2 records about the microbiome conference that I need you to make a presentation for me no more than 15 minutes. Also, write a speaker note for the presentation. just listen to the records and do the presentation.
The first record: from the beginning until 40 minutes for two speakers,
Mollie Roth, JD, Managing Partner, PGx Consulting
Jack Gilbert, Ph.D., Faculty Director, The Microbiome Center, Professor, Department of Surgery, The University of Chicago, Senior Scientist (Adjunct), The Marine Biological Laboratory, Group Leader in Microbial Ecology, Argonne National Laboratory.
The second record: from the beginning until 25 minutes for one speaker,
Randi Lundberg, DVM, Application Scientist, Taconic Biosciences.
Start with an introduction about the microbiome.
For more information go to this link http://www.microbiomeconference.com/agenda1
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